Urban worlds


To mix two things in my works: the real world, vibrant, and a point of view on it.

Color fully participates in building the city. It is architectural. It attracts, it awakens joy. Added to the play of forms and light, the city takes on an additional meaning, which adds another dimension to the mere material and mineral presence of its structure. It then strikes my eyes with its beauty and lights up my mind. So that, I become unique and unequaled by my inspiration to represent a colorful, poetic and utopian vision of the urban world, or should I say "urban worlds" because the plural invites abundance and diversity and suggests a multiplicity of relationships.

The color stays when I close my eyes. I discover it inside me.

Chromatique, Paris.jpg


Down Town Hong Kong.jpg


City Box, New York


Spirale, Berlin


Réflexion, Berlin


Caroline Gasch 

Art gallery

17 place de la Résistance 

37000 Tours, FRANCE

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