L'histoire de Caroline Gasch...


Caroline est née à Aix en Provence le 16/11/1969. En 1989 elle s’installe à Paris, puis à Blois 11 ans plus tard, et enfin à Tours en 2015. 


Sa passion pour la photographie débute à 14 ans lorsqu’elle reçoit en cadeau son 1er appareil photo. Dès lors, dans sa tête, son parcours est tout tracé, elle sera photographe. Mais la vie en a décidé autrement puisque ses études la conduisent à un Master de Langues Étrangères, au professorat et au management de direction. 

Elle devra attendre 40 ans pour réaliser son rêve en devenant photographe professionnelle. En 2009, elle choisit d’ailleurs de reprendre ses études afin de consolider ses connaissances et sa culture photographiques en passant un CAP puis un BTS photographie 


Aujourd’hui, Caroline, Artiste-Auteure, est installée dans sa galerie et son studio photographiques dans le cœur de Tours. Elle expose son travail et réalise des portraits.



Caroline was born in Aix en Provence on 11/16/1969. In 1989 she moved to Paris, then to Blois 11 years later, and finally to Tours in 2015.


Her passion for photography began at the age of 14 when she received her 1st camera as a gift. From then on, in her head, her course is all mapped out, she will be a photographer. But life decided otherwise since her studies led her to a Master of Foreign Languages, teaching and executive management.

She will have to wait 40 years to realize her dream by becoming a professional photographer. In 2015, she chose to resume her studies in order to consolidate her photographic knowledge and culture by taking a CAP then a BTS photography.


Today, Caroline, Artist-Author, is installed in her photographic gallery in the heart of Tours, which allows her to exhibit her work and to take portraits.


Artistic Intentions 

His work as an author allows him to portray his own inspirations through the great complexity of our urban environment. In modern architectural settings, she shapes light and uses colors to express her emotions and translate the energy of each place into a visual and pictorial force. It thus offers another perception of this type of purely mineral landscape through a skilful composition of perspectives, geometry and colors. A whole stage game that gives balance and strength to his shots.

She reminds us that, what surrounds us is deeper than what we think we perceive. 


Through her chromic and very graphic approach to urban universes that have become enchanting and poetic thanks to her "digital manipulations", Caroline explains to us the bridge that she tries to establish between the real image and the virtual image that she recreates. Emotions are invisible, we feel them within us. The same word - feelings - describes both physical and emotional sensations.

Through a very personal retouching work, she transforms an image to express the feeling, the thrill, the fascination, the energy that she experiences for the place she is photographing. This is how she offers us her own vision of the photographed environment that she transcribes with her sensitivity and a pretty palette of emotions, like a painter in front of his canvas.



Main exhibitions 



2020, September: Exhibition "Galettes d´Artistes", City Hall of Tours (37)

2020, May: “Lucca Art Fair”, Lucca (Italy)

2020, March: "Women in the Countryside", Neuvy le Roi town hall

2020, February: Salon “Artefiera”, Bologna (Italy)


2019, November: Departmental Council of Loir-et-Cher, Blois (41)

2019, August: auction in Chambord organized by Maison Rouillac, Chambord (41)

2019, June: auction organized by the Hôtel des vente Giraudeau (B. Jabot) at Château d´Artigny, Montbazon (37)

2019, January: “Colors” Capital in Fine, Tours (37)


2018, December: “Colors” Hotel Renaissance Parc Trocadéro, Paris (16)

2018, November: auction organized by Maison Rouillac at Etoile Bleue, Tours (37)

2018, November: guest of honor, president of the jury, Riage photography fair, Parçay Meslay (37) 2018, October: The World (international luxury liner). 2018, June: Château d'Ardrée, Saint Antoine du Rocher (37)

2018, June: "Ici Concept" gallery, Paris (10)

2018, June: auction organized by the Rotary Club of Tours at the Ballan Miré golf course (37)

2018, March: “The colors of the night”, L'Etoile Bleue, Tours (37)


2015, March: “Urbanity” Nexity, former Earthenware factory, Tours (37)


2013, June: “urbanities” Tourist Office of the Château de Chaumont sur Loire (41)



2021: publication in the magazine “Profession Photographer” n ° 46 - The medals of French professional photography.

2020: selection in “M” magazine du Monde

2019: publication in the magazine “Madame Presse Art” n ° 1

2018: publication in Leica International magazine (LFI)



Since 2020: Epicureans Photographers: website for independent professional photographers.



Art Gallery 

Since 2020: represented by the “Context Art Gallery”, Treviso (Italy)


Online Art Gallery









2021, January: Gold medal in the competition of the French Federation of Photography and Image Professions (FFPMI).

2019, June: Incadaqués Photo Festival competition, Spain

2019, February: Luxembourg Art Prize competition

2019, February: The photographs of the year competition (APPPF, Bellême (61) In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


2018, May: LensCulture Art photography Awards competition


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Caroline Gasch 

Art gallery

17 place de la Résistance 

37000 Tours, FRANCE

+33 6 12 11 48 49



The photographic works of Caroline Gasch are the subject of a deposit with the Copyright Satisfaction Authorities. Any reproduction by any process whatsoever constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L3335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

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